Welcome y’all!

I’m the person behind Life Below the Mason-Dixon Line, Emily.  I’m a twenty-something year old kindergarten teacher who married her college sweetheart who happens to be a high school football coach.  We spend most of our time at the football stadium or practice field and could not imagine our life being different than that!  We moved to a new house in a new town, right before the calendar switched to 2018 and spend a lot of our free time with home improvement projects.


Some of my favorite things are: Jesus, sweet tea, front porch swings, Baylor University, football, Southern Living, monograms, our two German Shepherds: Dixie May & Duke McLane, good food, baking, fresh flowers, candles, my best friends and sending snail mail.

If all of those favorite things, our sweet new home, my precious pups and Coach Husband were all to disappear in the blink of an eye I would still have the most incredible piece of my life though.  My sweet Savior.  Above and beyond everything else I hope my heart for the Lord and desire to serve Him well shines through.  

Coach & I believe the Bible as absolute truth. That no one save Jesus Christ has or is capable of living a sinless life and only through His death on the Cross and resurrection three days later are we able to attain everlasting life.  

So grab a glass of tea, sit back and step into my little life as a Coach’s wife and follower of Jesus

Tell next time y'all