Hey Y'all

Welcome y'all! I'm Emily, the person behind this corner of the Internet.  I am so excited to begin this journey of sharing insight to my life as a follower of Jesus, lover of all things the South has to offer & the joys and challenges of being a Coach's wife!  

Coach Husband & I recently bought our first home and we are slowly but surely making it our own with the help of our general contractor, also knows as my Daddy.  Currently we are in the middle of a master bathroom re-model, deciding on a vision for our backyard and gearing up to finish our family room!  

Besides our new home we spend a lot of time at high school athletic events.  Technically Coach is in the middle of his spring sport, powerlifting but we are also deeply entrenched in basketball.  We travel tomorrow to the first playoff game of the season and are excited to see the show our basketball coach and the Varsity boys put on.  During football season we can be found either at the practice field, the stadium or Coach is normally catching up on sleep.  

Thanks for stopping in!


Till next time y'all,