5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Texas weather is fickle and we were reminded this week just what that means. From 60’s and beautiful to cold, rain & a new record low for March I am bundled with the heater blowing full force. Cold weather is my least favorite and the post Christmas season into early March normally finds me battling the winter blues. Grey skies normally outside and my blues look a little something like this:

  • severe fatigue

  • social with-drawl

  • inability to concentrate

  • mood swings

Think I am crazy? I did for awhile until my primary physician let me know that in actuality—it is fairly common for people in winter months! While there is no medical treatment, there are steps you can take to help lessen the effects.

While these tips aren’t foolproof I did see a difference when I committed.

  1. Exercise
    When I made myself get to the gym and knock the mess out of some punching bags, or even a short walk in the evenings I felt more alive & focused.

  2. Clean[ish] Eating
    Do not be fooled. We are not at all “clean” eaters but I did make a conscious effort to cut out fast food or extra sugar. More green leafy vegetables and lean proteins did not leave me feeling heavy & ready for a nap!

  3. Relationships
    Coach Husband and our good friends gave me plenty of grace when I couldn’t make it to social events but they also pushed me to get out a couple of times a week to see people and interact. Our church small group on Sundays were life-giving and I left feeling refreshed body, mind & soul. The simple act of fixing my hair and putting on real pants helped tremendously.

  4. Weekend Getaway
    Over Martin Luther King weekend CH & I took a quick trip to visit our best friend and getting away was a wonderful way to beat back the blues. Getting out of my routine and exploring a new city was exciting and fun.

  5. Diffusing happy oils
    Citrus Fresh + Peppermint lifted my spirits and helped me focus on anything I needed to accomplish at home. It might not have been sunshine outside but my house sure smelled like it was!

    The best thing I did though was communicate what I was feeling and experiencing with my doctor. Before that appointment I was pretty sure it was just dramatic non-sense but having a medical professional validate helped me make changes I needed to battle the winter blues.

    We are living through what is hopefully the last cold snap before spring is here in fully force!

    This girl is ready,