Blog-Tember Challenge Day 20: Something I Wish You Knew

Coaching has a lot to do with grace.  Coaches extend grace every time there is an issue with a player on or off the field.  Every time you don't make the catch, you miss a block or you run the wrong route.  They yell and blow their whistle and might make you run punishment but then they are right back in it, showing you how to do it better, how to hit harder & run faster.  It reminds me a lot of what I wish more people knew in life.  The love & grace of Jesus Christ.  I purposefully put grace in that statement because while I feel many people know OF the Lord we tend to forget not  His all-encompassing grace.  That His blood covers every small or large incident.  That He forgives without expecting anything in return.  That He is so very good.

Before every game I send a selfie & a text to the first-born of our hearts, Terrance.  It normally says something like, "On my way!  Lower your shoulder, run hard & be safe.  Remember, we love you no matter what the scoreboard says at the end of the game."  It hit home for me last Friday when we look our first loss of the season that it's a small picture of what my Heavenly Father does for me on an hourly basis.  At the end of the day, regardless of the score between my sin & my righteousness Jesus loves me anyway.  

What do I want more people to know?  That Jesus' grace & love is regardless of where you have been, where you are going or what you have done.  He forgives again & again but He does let you deal with the consequences of those choices.  

May I love a little more like Jesus today,