The Blog-Tember Challenge Day Five: Most Memorable Birthday

This challenge day is difficult!  I love birthdays, to me they are an absolute celebration of someone's life.  

My most memorable birthday is probably my 5th birthday.  It was the birthday my parents gifted me with my own horse, Rosebud.  She was a gorgeous chestnut, half Arabian, half quarter-horse mare whom I had learned to ride on.  She was high-strung, proud & absolutely breath-taking.  

Looking back now I am in awe at the selflessness my parents showed with such a gift.  We had moved earlier that summer to a new house and no longer were down the road from Rosebud's owner.  Mr. Gary was the man who taught me to ride, let me feed his cows & never complained when I popped over with a carrot for Rose.  I had been heartbroken thinking my time riding would be coming to an end.  When Mama & Daddy announced what my 5th birthday present would be I was shocked.  Such a gift.

This birthday is also memorable because it marks the beginning of what we lovingly refer to as the Cake Curse.  I was adamant I be allowed to carry my seriously gorgeous birthday cake from car to house.  The cake decorator had iced a horse with flowing pink mane on the top of the cake.  Somehow it slipped from my grip and landed top-side down on the gravel driveway.  My party guests had to make do with ice cream only for the day.  Sadly the Cake Curse is still fully in place.  I am not allowed to carry cake, cupcakes or any other dessert for any event ever.