The Blog-Temeber Challenge Day One: Introduce Yourself

Again, late to the party but I desperately wanted to take part in the blog-tember challenge so we are back tracking a bit to catch up!

Hey y'all, I'm Emily and so very glad you landed on my tiny corner of the world-wide web.  I began blogging less than a year ago to document life as a coach's wife.  I'm a firm believer that God called my husband to coaching and in doing so gave me us a ministry that while overwhelming at times is such an incredible blessing.  

I am a twenty-six year old kindergarten teacher who was born & raised in the great state of Texas.  Coach Husband swept me off my feet in college.  I had a front row seat to his work ethic and dedication as he played football at Baylor University.  Baylor gave us both some of the best friends of our lives who we continually refer to as family.  Our wedding party was full of my Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters and CH's teammates.  We still yell Sic 'Em on Saturday but because of Coach's year as a grad assistant for the University of Tennessee football program we also cheer on the Volunteers most weekends as well.

Photography:  Popograph y 

Photography: Popograph

While CH finished his grad work in Knoxville I stayed in Texas, planned our wedding and survived my first year of teaching.  After our wedding in July 2013 we began our life together as newlyweds and jumped feet first into Texas high school football coaching.  To date we have yet to look back.  We purchased our first home last summer and are only 10 minutes from the stadium and six from the high school.  One of the best parts is being able to open our home to our players and invest in their lives outside of football.

Hospitality is something the Lord has placed on my heart fully in the past two years.  We love opening our home to family and friends from near and far.  I'm blessed with a mama who has a knack for interior decorating and a daddy who loves to DIY.  They have both helped CH & I make our house into a home where we can comfortably and fully open to others.  

Besides life as a coach's wife I am a kindergarten teacher, dog mom to two German Shepherds and a firm believer that problems can be solved with a glass of sweet tea on the front porch with good friends and lots of prayer.

Blogging for me is a way to share our lifestyle with others, document for me the crazy we live through and remind myself frequently of God's grace and favor on our lives.  If this is your first visit know how much I love having you stop by!