You're the Butter to My Biscuit

Last month I teamed up with my good friend [and youngest brother’s girlfriend] Mary Jane to host a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law! My parents house was finished just in time to hold women that are important in Cyndi & Andrew’s life and we had such a sweet time celebrating their upcoming marriage.


Mary Jane and I decided on a biscuit brunch themed shower and had so much fun bringing in little details that complimented the theme. We started off with a biscuits, different fixin’s. We served fruit and assortment of beverages. Our favorite item on the menu though were the beautiful & delicious personalized sugar cookies made by the incredible Honey Bee Bake Shoppee.


As hostesses our favorite details were the favors we sent guests home with & the idea to have them mail a favorite recipe to Cyndi once they were home. The favor bags had a small jar of jelly and handful of Hershey Kisses with a stamped tag—jam packed with love. Everyone had raved over the jelly they had on their biscuits and were so excited to take some home with them as well. For our snail mail we addressed & stamped envelopes with a blank recipe card inside. Guests took an envelope with them to fill out and mail to Cyndi. Mary Jane & I gifted Cyndi with a recipe box during the shower with a spoon handle—mimicking the spoon motif on the cards—for storing her new recipes! Cyndi has loved receiving the recipes in the mail over the last few weeks.


We are so excited for this new adventure they are embarking on!