First Game of Fall

I'm back.  
It has been one crazy insane month.  Inservice, back to school crazy, the first day of school and the first game of fall.  Hard to believe that our first game is behind us!  

The week leading up to game day was probably the most difficult for me as a wife.  Coach Husband wasn't able to make it home before I was asleep until Wednesday night, his freshman played in Austin Thursday & he came home around one in the morning.  Since he is up and gone before 5:15 most mornings to work out it was a solid 72 hours without seeing my favorite guy.  The back to school stress and exhaustion magnified my feelings and I cried a little Wednesday afternoon before he got home.  

A long week though was totally worth it Friday night though!  Not only did we come out on the winners side of the scoreboard 48-22 we played a complete game in all three phases!  On top of that we watched a player that holds a special place in our hearts have an incredible game as a varsity player.  Three touchdown and a stiff arm that is going to be one of legends had me screaming so loud my voice is still raspy.  

Kickoff was scheduled for  7:30 but a random thunderstorm and lots of lightening pushed us back to 8:15.  I waited out the storm hunkered down at Karen's house with her boys and when we got to the stadium I had a great surprise waiting for me!  One of my favorite people was at the game with our good friend Jamie.  Miller stayed and cheered for the first half and it was so fun to hang out outside of school!! I also ran into one of my littles from last year whose grandmother was being recognized at halftime.  So many people that make my heart happy in one place.

The best part of the night though was when the clock had ticked down and Coach Husband came out of the box and met me on the field.  I love celebrating wins with him.  I always get a hug, kiss and picture.  He's my favorite y'all and I am so blessed to do life alongside of him.

Now it's on to Week 2,