the Fridays: No. 12

one-- I spent one last day in my classroom this week wrapping up the little projects that seem to pile up.  You can read a full classroom reveal here.

two-- K spent his last few days with me of the summer.  It was really special for it to be just us for the last week & half.  So grateful Karen trusted me with her eldest when Coach R went back to work.

three--  Speaking of coaches, camp began this week for our freshman which means my husband came home smelling of sunscreen and full of stories concerning the newest additions to the Lion football program.  I cannot believe it is already that time of year again when we readjust our schedules to revolve around football and work.  I'm excited for the first game of the season in the next couple of weeks and to be able to use my stadium seat.
four-- My birthday present from CH arrived this week!  His streak of not having the gift to give me on my birthday is still alive in well but this one was 100% worth the wait.  I had mentioned a few months ago wanting a new pair of tennis shoes but being super specific about the details.  Somehow he remembered AND even though he can struggle sometimes to match when he puts clothes on he did an incredible job of matching all of these pieces together.

five-- As the end of summer looms closer I am soaking up every minute of downtime.  Spent the remainder of my week watching TV wearing yoga pants and eating ice cream out of the container.