the Fridays: No. 2

one-- I found these precious pillows at Target this week and LOVE how they look on our front porch swing.  Still on the hunt for one more to complete the look but it's a fabulous start to front porch for the summertime. 

two-- I found this precious book while parazooing Amazon this week and I immediately knew my classroom needed to have it on our bookshelf.  The kids are already asking when the holiday, "Cinco de Mouse-O" is so we can finally read the book.  

three-- The rain FINALLY cleared up enough that we were able to take Dixie & Duke out on a walk around the neighborhood yesterday.  I recently downloaded the Charity Miles app.  Each mile you walk earns money to a charity of your choice!  It's an easy way to give back simply by tracking your walks/runs. 

four-- Varsity Football schedule made its way to my inbox this week and I am attempting to bring myself to put it in my planner.  That makes it seem much closer than it is and I am letting myself get through spring football before I take the plunge!  
I'm working with my #coachswifelife mentor about some fun activities to plan for after practices. We have grand plans to end spring ball with a massive water balloon fight for the players and coaches.  There are still logistics to work out such as: how to fill and transport that many water balloons without our husbands catching on...

five-- Y'all I am obsessed with the drybar mai tai spritzer sea salt spray.  It truly does beach out my curls and keeps my absolutely straight, no hint of curl hair gorgeous & curly all day long. 

Any other coaches' wives with ideas of some spring surprises for after-practice?

Till Next Time Y'all,