A Letter to Our Head Coach

Dear Coach,

We're halfway through the season in the thick of district and the heat is on.  I know you're tired, stressed & feeling the pressure.  You've been praised this season for your knowledge of the X's & O's and while I am so grateful for that, I thought I would let you know why I am proud to call you my HC.

You've cultivated a family in only six months.  When I first heard & saw #ProtecttheFamily I was skeptical.  But looking back now, you've done that and more.  After a win you hug your wife and then each of your assistant's significant others.  After a loss you hug your wife and then each of your assistant's significant others.  You have staff dinners and your wife feeds my husband every Sunday.  I make your kids laugh and sometimes cry [not on purpose].  Your wife sits in the stands and sends me texts throughout the week reminding me of why we do what we do.  I've never seen CH happier to go to work than he is now.  And that's because you have created a culture of one big family.  We celebrate together and we commiserate together and we have a place we belong. I will never forget when CH asked if I could hang out at the field-house for awhile in between house showings.  Your response was, "Why are you asking?  We're family."  I knew in that moment that we were home.  

You hold people accountable.  CH is continually thinking, working & researching so he can bring something to the table that is constructive.  You push him to be a better coach and he is thriving.  But even when you demand his best, you value his ideas.  This season I have seen his confidence as a coach blossom under your leadership.  As a wife I cannot explain what that means to me.  In this game of accountability though you do not stop at the coaches, you hold our players to a high standard.  You have backed up your words with actions and aren't afraid to make a statement.  You are passionate on the sidelines and you push our kids to be their best as students, athletes and men they can be.

One of the biggest impressions you have made on me is your humility.  When things are rolling, touchdowns are happening & defense is playing lights out you give all the credit to your assistants and athletes.  Flip that and when things are rocky you take the blame.  A quality of a true leader.  

Thanks Coach for being a leader with a vision & for having us be a part of this family.  
It's a great day to be a Blackcat.