NYE Weekend Getaway Recap

A month or so before our scheduled summer vacation Coach Husband came home with the news that his summer commitments had different dates than they had previously. [I have an incredibly hard-working husband who has no problem teaching two rounds of summer school while I binge watch Netflix and lay out by the pool. Continually ask myself how I was so blessed].  Our summer vacation was smack dab in the middle of his first round of summer school & so we had to cancel our plans to eat and play our way through Charleston.  While I was initially disappointed about the change in plans, it was also a relief to not be traveling the week after school let out!  CH came up with a great idea to instead head to Pittsburgh during the football season and catch a Steelers game.  I grew up an avid Steelers fan and to this day cheer on the black & gold.  Even though some of my family members shake their heads in shame..looking at you Cousin Steve.  With Coach's football schedule we had to game options: Christmas Day or New Year's Day.  So we booked flights with our airline miles & found relatively cheap tickets on StubHub and I told myself to be patient for January 1st.

Enjoy a picture heavy recap of what we did, where we ate & the place we called home over New Years!


We landed in Pittsburgh to big, fat snowflakes falling!  This Texas girl was in heaven.


We immediately set to doing some sightseeing (in the car...hello cold!) and grabbed a quick bite at Houlian's in Station Square.  Made our way to our AirBnB that afternoon and immediately fell in love with our home for the weekend.  Each home Coach Husband and I have lived in we have had a red door.  The tradition didn't die at our home away from home in Pittsburgh.

in all fairness...this picture was taken Saturday morning, not Friday.

in all fairness...this picture was taken Saturday morning, not Friday.

We spent the afternoon watching college football bowl games and snuggled up on the couch.  That evening we ventured into downtown to have dinner at my hands-down favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh.  Primanti Brothers.  Y'all.  These sandwiches are to DIE for.  Not only was the food incredible the atmosphere was top-notch.  We scored a seat at the counter and were able to watch them build our sandwiches in front of us.  Our server was authentic Pittsburgh, wearing an Antonio Brown Business is Boomin' shirt and told us all about the hidden gems of downtown.  Primanti's is different becuase they put French Fries legit on your sandwhich.  Life. Changed.  In fact, I told CH all I wanted for my birthday in 2017 was another ham, cheese & egg sandwich from Primanti's.  Don't worry, they express ship, no reason I shouldn't be chowing down come July 21st.    


Friday night consisted of more college football in comfy clothes.



We enjoyed a lazy morning getting up and ready but finally ventured out to the Western Pennsylvania History Center.  Fun fact: I'm a closet history buff.  Inside there was a two floor exhibit of sports in Western Penn that CH was really excited to see as well.  We toured the sports exhibit, the Mister Roger's Neighborhood Exhibit, History of Heinz and the Slavery: Journey to Freedom exhibit.  We loved them all!  The Abolitionism Movement in Pittsburgh though was really moving.  As much as I love my Steelers, that was probably my favorite exhibit of the entire day.  Very telling reality but at the same time a focus on the change and resistance many in Pittsburgh had.  Incredibly moving.  

The goalpost from Three Rivers Stadium and ME! Β Also, CH is one great photographer with the iPhone

The goalpost from Three Rivers Stadium and ME!  Also, CH is one great photographer with the iPhone

Just hanging out with Heniz Ward!

Just hanging out with Heniz Ward!

he is the cutest

he is the cutest

game faces on

game faces on

Saturday was New Year's Eve and we had grand plans for a fancy dinner out.  Coach made reservations at a steak house on top of Mt. Washington and we rode the incline up the top!  That was one of the coolest experiences we had all weekend.  I loved looking out over Pittsburgh all lit up at night.  We then proceeded to hike a mile in rain to make our dinner reservation.  Did I mention I was wearing my Hunter rain-boots?  Great for rain, not so great for a hike.  Honestly this little trek was all my fault.  Totally did not realize there were two different inclines up to the top. We were able to see some gorgeous houses.  Our dinner was an epic fail. After being told they would be serving their normal menu and the entire restaurant was glassed for a view of downtown Pittsburg at night we arrived to a set menu and were seated at the back where we had to look over several other diners to see the glass.  My steak had to be sent back twice & overall I was so not impressed.  Our next Pittsburgh trip this will not be a stop for us.  CH did come through with an Uber back down the mountain and we rang in the New Year in our AirBnB.  


New Year's Day was gameday at Heinz Field.  Coach & I rode the ferry across the river and were one of the first 500 people in the stadium.  After worrying for months I would freeze and being bundled to the point I couldn't move freely we found our seats were in the sunshine with a minimal breeze.  It really was the perfect day for football.  While starters were resting to gear up for the playoffs we still pulled off a win in OT and celebrating with a stadium full of black and gold was incredible.  Finished off our day with a trip back across the river and dinner at Buca's!


Monday morning had us back on an airplane, Plexus Slim drink in hand and headed home!  I love living life with this guy.  He makes everyday an adventure but goes above and beyond to make bigger adventures happen regularly.

Here We Go Steelers!  Till next time y'all,