My second week to indulge in the 52 Week Blogger Challenge!  This week...Love/Hate Relationships.  


1. Online Shopping

love: anywhere, yoga pants, time to pro/con/pro, no pressure from sales people to buy it today

hate: sizing can always be so funky for me!  At 5'10 I never know if it will be long enough or actually fit, plus you come home and have around 7 packages on your front porch and Coach Husband gives you that "look".

2. Hulu/Netflix

love: no commercials, classic TV shows, recommendations for what to watch next, new favorites

hate: the automatic play of next episode makes it way to easy to binge watch and spend an entire Sunday afternoon doing absolutely nothing.  Self-control is just so hard in this situation!

3. Target

love: I mean, what's not to love about Target?  Everything you would ever need, cute decor, reasonable prices, the dollar spotShoes, home accessories, books, movies, the best t-shirts.

hate: You go in for paper towels and come out spending $100.  The Dollar Spot is full of little things I could totally use in my classroom and most of them are normally $3 so the Dollar Spot feels like a lie.

4. Spring Football

love: our lives revolve around football season and the start of spring ball signals that the end of school is near.  Technically spring ball doesn't start until May and while it is only March Coach Husband has already started preliminary planning schedules, thoughts, workouts etc.            

 hate: it is always a bit of a shock to once again be back in the crazy schedule world of football.  It takes me time to adjust to CH being gone most evenings and re-adjusting to having a plate in the microwave instead of him at the table.  About the time I'm back in the groove, spring ball ends and we wait for season to start.

5. Eyeshadow

love: I've been blessed with the perfect amount of surface area for eye shadow {that sounds incredibly vain}.  I love how it makes my eyes look more "awake" & to quote one of my favorite littles, "You don't look sick today when you put the stuff on your eyes."                                  

 hate: eyeshadow is that part of my daily make-up routine that makes think, "why are you doing this again?"  Granted it only takes 2-3 minutes a day but it always seems to be such an unnecessary step in my morning routine. 


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