the Fridays: No. 7

one--S & A had their first girls' day with me of the summer this week!  We have been talking about what it truly means to have a servant's heart and what that looks like applicably in life.  We decided to serve our local police department!  The girls came over and we baked sugar cookies in the shape of badges and dropped them off at the police department.  Not only did we have a fun and sugar-filled afternoon but it was a great way to show our local PD how much we appreciate them!

two-- The last closet at #project007 was cleaned out and organized this week!  This was a huge item on my to-do list and I feel so much better that everything has been put in a place and the extra clutter has been removed from our home.

three--  Summer break has made it possible for me to indulge in Sonic Happy Hour at my heart's content.  What a treat.
four-- Last weekend we opened up Camp Draper to our favorite boys while Karen & Greg were off at Coaches Outreach.  We went non-stop all weekend long and had an absolute blast.  There were trips to the water park, Farmer's Market, museum and so much time spent outside playing with the dogs both Dixie & Duke went into depression when the boys went home.

five--  My #coachswifelifementor wrote the sweetest blog post about our first year of experiencing what Titus 2:3-4 is all about.  It's really incredible to see the scriptures come to fruition in our own lives.  You can catch a glimpse into her heart and see for yourself why I cherish her friendship so much at Coaching is a Ministry.

the Fridays: No. 6

one--  Somehow our city has yet to jump on the city swimming pool train.  CH surprised me with a season pass to the local water park for the summer & I enjoyed a couple of days laying out in the sunshine this week.  I was able to knock three books off my to-read list while I was there as well.  Made this book lover's heart so happy.  

two-- Anyone else been introduced to LuLaRoe?  A friend of mine has gotten me HOOKED on the Amelia Dresses.  I am now the proud owner of two with every intention of stopping there.

three-- Coach & I have begun our Total Money Makeover following Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps to financial freedom.  You can read all about the beginning of our journey here.

four-- Thursdays during the summertime mean 7 on 7 football in our lives.  Yesterday was my first 7 on 7 to attend and I am so glad I did!  I was able to get some steps in while watching my hubby do his thing.

five-- In this #coachswifelife you meet some incredible women.  Thanks to the Married to the Game Podcast I was introduced to Lauren, who is the author behind The Simply Southern.  We quickly realized that if we lived in the same city we would probably be joined at the hip & I have been so blessed by her over the last few weeks.  We are planning on a day trip to the other's respective towns this summer and I am so excited for us to be "in the flesh" friends after that!

Till Next Time Y'all,