the Fridays: No. 3

one-- This week I got to play taxi-service for my #footballfamily!  Karen's work schedule was off this week so I was able to take K over to football practice after school.  Being at practice for the 2-3 minutes it took to make the child swap gave me a mini glimpse into the other side of my husband.  It was a real hoot to watch him blow his whistle, yell at players to hit the fence & see him in action.
two-- Currently reading The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney.  Love when book recommendations from friends far & wide.  It expands my bookshelf and gives me a change of pace from my normal.

three-- The month of April at school we were collecting Cans for Critters.  The grade level that collected the most aluminum cans would win a Behind the Scenes Tour of our local zoo.  Sadly kindergarten came in 2nd place but our competitive spirit never wavered.  
four-- I have had my eye on a monogrammed fishing shirt for the past few weeks.  Mint Julep Monograms is my go-to for anything I ever need and I have finally decided to pull the trigger but cannot for the life of my decide on what color thread I need my monogram in....
Suggestions are welcome & encouraged!

five-- This week Coach Husband had to have a difficult conversation with a player.  Not about athletics or performance but a life lesson.  We talked together and prayed about what to say, how to say it and asked for the Lord to prepare our hearts if it wasn't received well.  These are the times I am most proud of my husband.  Not after a win or even after he received the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award but when he is intentionally growing, molding and mentoring young men.  He's my favorite y'all.  

Till Next Time Y'all