the Fridays: No. 15

one-- We hosted Disciple Now for our church last weekend and it was so fun to be "home" for ten 9th/10th grade girls and their college leader!  High schoolers have a special place in our hearts with Coach's job but normally we are surrounded by boys.  It was a huge switch to have GIRLS hanging out at our house but we decided we loved it just as much.  

two-- The long weekend meant I got to indulge in some friend-time on Monday with Kristi!  Y'all, I just love this girl.  Her love for the Lord shines through in all she does and I could listen to her talk for hours on end.  We went to see Hidden Figures and I would totally go again.  If you haven't seen it make plans was the best.  



three-- Girl Scout Cookie Season is upon us and I have so many "cookie dealers" it's a good thing we go through boxes like no other.  The new cookie, Thanks-A-Lot are my absolute fave and I am calling in multiple orders just to keep me stocked up.  If you're looking for a Girl Scout to purchase from, I have a list to share with you!


four-- Over the weekend I did a major closet purge!  The pile of clothes I don't wear regularly enough to justify taking up closet space was a little out of control,  Looking at the craziness of it gave me an idea for a February goal that I am super excited to put into place.  Side bonus from the purge?  Having Karen over to shop before I donated.  She was convinced nothing in my closet would work for her but at the end of the marathon session she took home at least 20 items.  So grateful they will be going to use in someone else's closet.

IMG_2672 3.JPG

five-- It's no secret that I love babies.  Got my baby fix at the high school basketball game earlier this week.  One of Coach Husband's fabulous co-workers had her granddaughter for the evening and gifted me with an entire quarter of snuggles.  The high schoolers informed us that they are counting down and praying up for a Draper Baby.