the Fridays: No. 17

one-- Our bank recently got rid of the change counter which means to deposit our coins you have to roll them!  I haven't seen rolled change in a LONG time but it was a super fun Saturday morning with Coach.


two-- Monday found me at a math lecture about the importance of early math concepts in the primary grades.  One of my co-workers [my intern from last year!] went as well and that made it even better.

IMG_2956 2.JPG

three-- My new aviators from Diff Eyewear came in.  Y'all, obsessing.

four--  We celebrated the 100th Day of School on Thursday.  Only 77 left to go with this group of littles.

IMG_2993 2.JPG

five-- A new FitBit made its way to me this week & I've been hitting up the high school weight room after school to get those last few thousand steps in.  A gym at my disposal is a nice side benefit to this coach's wife gig!

Happy Friday!