Top Five: January Edition

1) January kicked off my 2019 reading challenge and while I did not read as many books as I hoped to however there were a few favorites.
The Library Book
This was the Reese Whitherspoon Audible book club choice for the month and I LLOVED it . Libraries are one of my favorite places so this look at the history of libraries and story of the LA public library system was so interesting.
The Residence
A non partisan look at the individuals who keep the White House running. I really appreciated that the book did not have a political tone or agenda.

2) Over MLK weekend Coach Husband and I headed east for Lake Charles LA to visit our best friend and favorite wide receiver coach. Coach Sampson & Coach Husband played together in college and since then he has been coaching so. far. away. from. us. Now that he is only four hours we immediately planned a trip as quickly as we could. We are so excited for him and proud of what he is going to do. Our next trip is already booked to catch a game and cheer him on.


3) Our first group of Blackcats were home for winter break and we had a handful over for dinner before they left for spring semester. We love them dearly and it was such a wonderful reminder of our calling.


4) Coach Husband doesn’t coach basketball but Tuesdays and Fridays you can find us in the gym cheering on our kids.

5) In January we celebrated the accomplishments of our football players, cheerleaders & trainers both on and off the field. My favorite part though is the women I do this life with