Top Five: March Edition

1) This month I hosted my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower. My co-hostess is my one day sister-in-law [she’s been dating my youngest brother since they were in high school & I am anxiously waiting fo the day she officially becomes a member of our family]. It was a sweet time showering Cyndi with her friends, our family from Arkansas and celebrating such a special event.


2) We welcomed Ava into our football family this month and I am one smitten kitten! Her mama was a rockstar during a long labor & we are loving seeing this sweet family of three blossom!

3) When the crazy Texas temps have cooperated Coach + Dixie + Duke and I have taken life outside to get all the Vitamin D and walks in we can. Track season means CH is home before the sun sets and I am soaking it up.

4) Spring Break was a much needed time of rest. While we stayed home and bummed around my heart and mind needed the time to just BE. Grateful for a week of no commitments.

5) The biggest piece of personal news came this month when I turned in my notice that I would not be returning to my current school district in the fall and instead will be making a change MUCH closer to home. We are so excited to be back working in the same district together and I cannot wait to what the Lord has in store. You can read all about how I am changing hashtags here.

Bright spots in a good month,